STIHL Camberley

The background:

Halsall Mechanical and Electrical recently completed the M&E Fitout of the prestigious HQ STIHL in Camberley. The project involved designing and installing both mechanical and electrical systems for STIHL’s brand new GB HQ. Our team of experienced engineers worked diligently to develop an innovative design that optimized energy efficiency and performance. The mechanical systems included HVAC, ventilation, and plumbing solutions tailored to STIHL’s specific needs. Halsall implemented a state-of-the-art lighting system, power distribution, and security systems to ensure the safety and functionality of the facility. Despite the challenges posed by taking over the project mid-way, we delivered exceptional results that exceeded STIHL’s expectations and solidified our reputation as a reliable and skilled contractor.

Key features:

  • Sound Proof Room with full install of M&E Services
  • De-strat Fans & Gas Fired Heaters
  • A/C
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Domestic Water Services
  • Lighting & Emergency Lighting within Warehouse and Externally
  • Containment
  • Small Power & Busbars
  • Data
  • Security, CCTV & Access Control
  • PV install on the Roof
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points