DHL Project Nautilus

The background:

DHL Project Nautilus is a 200,000 ft2 distribution centre providing storage and distribution facilities to customers and clients around the UK. The distribution centre has warehouse racking to locate the stock for clients so that this can be distributed or stored with a 3 storey mezzanine. Halsall’s main focus was to deliver the Mechanical and Electrical design and installation to accommodate the warehouse area and provide a comfortable and efficient working environment for clients that utilise the inhouse product testing facility.

Key features:

  • Main Office and Transport Office for employees who manage and control the Distribution Centre
  • Employs circa 400 operatives who manage the process of warehouse distribution
  • Testing facilities are also incorporated into the Workshop Areas for clients who want to test products that are coming onto the market
  • Mechanically the warehouse is temperature controlled to 16 + / – Two Degrees to maintain stock protection
  • The Warehouse Fire Alarm System incorporates a Vesda Smoke Detection System which monitors air / smoke levels
  • Lighting in the Warehouse is installed to the Clients specification
  • The Main Offices and Transport Offices are provided with Ventilation to comply with current building regulations.
  • A/C is installed throughout the Offices to permit a temperature controlled environment